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Product Description

The Gardner Denver Duroflow Positive Displacement Blower series is equivalent to models in the Roots-Flo and RAM series.  

DF 7018RR
Flow Range:to 2309 CFMto 3244 CFM
Max Δ Pressure:15 psi10 psi
Max Δ Vacuum:16″ Hg16″ Hg
Maximum RPM:26503000
Minimum RPM:545636
Max ΔT:230˚F
Connection:10″ Flange10″ Flange
Shaft Dia.:2.5″2″
Drive End Lubrication:OilOil
Gear End Lubrication:OilOil
Required Oil for Horizontal Unit:283 ounces145 ounces
Required Oil for Vertical Unit:112 ounces83 ounces
Recommended Oil:Aeon PDRoots Synthetic
Unit Weight:990 lb777 lb

DuroFlow Model Numbers
Model numbers consist of up to 11 characters and will be stamped on a nameplate on the blower.

Standard 7018 model numbers: GGGDACA, GGGDBCA, GGGDCCA, GGGDDCA


DuroFlow Pressure and Vacuum Performance Data

RAM Specification Sheet 404 through 624


Specifications Descriptions
No Specifications

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