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Roots 718 URAI TUTHILL 7018 BLOWER BOM Number: 7018 Read more

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Product Description

The 7018 CP Positive Displacement Blower is a model from Tuthill’s M-D Pneumatics division.

These units are designed to be interchangeable with equivalent Roots™ URAI models. 

CP 7018URAI 718
Flow Range:to 1356 CFMto 1413 CFM
Max Δ Pressure:10 psi10 psi
Max Δ Vacuum:16″ Hg16″ Hg
Maximum RPM:20502050
Minimum RPM:650545
Max ΔT:210˚F225˚F
Connection:6″ FLG6″ FLG
Shaft Dia.:1.562″1.562″
Drive End Lubrication:GreaseGrease
Gear End Lubrication:OilOil
Required Oil for Horizontal Unit:28.7 ounces59.5 ounces
Required Oil for Vertical Unit:20.3 ounces32.3 ounces
Unit Weight:555 lb530 lb


Tuthill Model Numbers

Model numbers consist of 13-15 characters and will be stamped on a nameplate attached to the blower, along with the unique serial and year of manufacture.  The first four characters of the model number indicate gear diameter and rotor length. The remainder of the characters indicate other blower configuration options including the types of lubrication and seals, lobes, drive location, blower materials, etc.  An example part number is 3003-A6L2CV1


Tuthill M-D Pneumatics CP Blower Series

Instruction Manuals

Tuthill M-D Pneumatics CP Blower Series Manual
Tuthill M-D Pneumatics CP Blower Series Manual

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